I verbi regolari più comuni

The most common regular verbs

abitare to live (in a place) chiedere to ask [for] aprire to open
amare to love chiudere to close coprire to cover
arrivare to arrive conoscere to know; to meet dormire to sleep
ascoltare to listen to condividere to share offrire to offer
aspettare to wait for correre to run partire to leave
ballare to dance credere to believe scoprire to find out
cantare to sing decidere to decide seguire to follow; to take (a course)
cercare to look for leggere to read sentire to hear; to feel
cominciare to begin mettere to put servire to serve
comprare to buy perdere to lose
continuare to continue piangere to cry -IRE (w/ isc)
cucinare to cook prendere to take; to have (to eat/drink)
dimenticare to forget promettere to promise capire to understand
giocare to play (games; sports) ridere to laugh finire to finish
guardare to watch rispondere to answer obbedire to obey
imparare to learn rompere to break preferire to prefer
incontrare to meet scrivere to write restituire to give back; to return (something)
iniziare to start sorridere to smile
insegnare to teach spendere to spend (money)
lavare to wash trascorrere to spend (time)
lavorare to work vedere to see
mangiare to eat vendere to sell
ordinare to order vincere to win
pagare to pay vivere to live
parlare to speak
pensare to think
portare to carry; to bring
preparare to prepare
ricordare to remember
studiare to study
suonare to play (an instrument)
trovare to find
viaggiare to travel
visitare to visit (a place)

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