The Brett Kavanaugh Case: The Importance of Language

Lauren Greenwald

On July 9, 2018, the president of the United States, Donald Trump, nominated Brett Kavanaugh to fill the Supreme Court vacancy created by Justice Kennedy’s retirement. Trouble erupted on September 16, 2018 when The Washington Post published a story concerning a California psychology professor, Christine Blasey Ford, who accused Kavanaugh of attempting to rape her in the 1980’s. Despite Kavanaugh dismissing the claim, the story quickly became a political skeptical: gaining the attention of both Democrats and Republicans, in addition to the passionate voices of the #MeToo movement. In this paper, I discuss how differing news stations, particularly MSNBC and Fox news, told the story of the Brett Kavanaugh case. By focusing on specific forms of rhetoric, tone, and vocabulary, I hope to shed more light on factors that influenced the 2018 midterm elections and coverage of the Kavanaugh hearings.

Some Background

Kolb suggests that we are living in a “hypermasculine” society shaped in part by Donald Trump’s presidency with his aggressive and misogynistic actions and vocabulary. The #MeToo movement empowered many women to come forward with personal stories of survivorship and sexual abuse. On the heels of #MeToo, the Kavanaugh hearings generated a backlash. Salter suggests that Kavanaugh and his supporters’ rhetoric stemmed from denial. Kavanaugh was convincing and he continuously characterized Ford’s assertions as “part of a ‘coordinated effort’ and ‘conspiracy’ to destroy his reputation and prevent his nomination” (135). With such strong rhetoric it not only caused fear among the mothers of sons and wealthy, white collar men who became worried about how they could eventually end up like Kavanaugh (Kolb, 187, 2019), a man, who they believed, was a victim of being falsely accused of a crime he did not commit (187), but it also influenced political news stations. It became politically motivated as Fox News created a story of a man who got caught in a trap by the Democrats and MSNBC continued to state claims in which the Republicans were immoral and heartless for backing up a man who they so clearly believed to have committed the crime. Conservative media said that Ford was suffering from “false memories” of rape, and/or was mistaking her actual perpetrator for Kavanaugh (Salter, 135, 2019).



In order to gather the necessary coverage needed by MSNBC and Fox news, I used Nexis Uni, which gave me access to thousands of news transcripts which I then narrowed down to news programs that specifically pertained to Brett Kavanaugh, Ford, and the overall situation surrounding the hearings. I examined data collected between September 16 and October 6, 2018, that is, the day The Washington Post’s article was published until the final decision, on October 6th, when Kavanaugh was confirmed by the Senate with a 50-48 vote.

The original format of my research design was to gather, study, and break down two shows from each day from both news station.  For example, on September 16, I examined the tone, rhetoric, and vocabulary of Life, Liberty, Levine in addition to Fox News Sunday, both of which are broadcasted on Fox News. However, complications arose when I began to conclude that MSNBC failed to air any reports, or only presented very minimal findings, concerning the Kavanaugh case on certain dates. For example, the station briefly mentioned the topic on one September 17th program, Hardball with Chris Mathews, the day after the Washington Post was published, in addition to no results on October 6th, the day he was confirmed into the senate. Regardless, I still gathered the stories and arguments mentioned by Fox News on those specific dates as I felt as if was still important to gather information on what was happening and being talked about. Conclusively,  I analyzed 71 transcripts, providing an overview of the rhetoric and perspectives encompassed by each station. Once reading through each one,  I decided to take a closer look by first searching for particular words such as, “allegation”, “sexual”, “assault”, and “misconduct.”

 Abandoning the Word “Sexual”

There is a great dissimilarity between an “allegation” and an “assault.” In addition to this, the word “sexual” in front of  “allegation” conveys a meaning different than if “sexual” is absent. The term “allegation” was used fairly equally across both news stations, with  Fox mentioning “allegation” 175 times and MSNBC 170 times. When it came to the word “sexual” however, there are some notable differences. Fox News used the word “sexual” 240 times, compared to MSNBC which used the word 264 times.

Looking next to the term “assault,” Fox News used the word “assault” 53 times compared to MSNBC which used it 140 times–a notable difference. The presence or absence of the term “assault” from programmatic coverage of the Kavanaugh hearings may convey something about the tone, or perspective, offered in each program. For example,  on September 25, 2018, Blumenthal said on Hardball with Chris Mathews, “That is what I hope my Republican colleagues will understand. And if they do vote, the message is clear: Serious, credible allegations from a sexual assault survivor matter less than putting extremist ideologues on the federal bench. (author’s emphasis) “ Meanwhile, on Fox News Special Report with Bret Baier, on September 27, 2018, Chis Wallace, a Fox News Host said on the show, “We had this explosion of emotion from Judge Kavanaugh and very much acting like — acting, behaving like a man who has been unjustly accused, and outraged by the way he’s been treated by these allegations of sexual misconduct” (author’s emphasis). Ultimately, these quotes back up the notion that two, divergent narratives were being recounted: a theory that also correlates with the statistics.

Figure 1: Frequency of Framing Words on Fox News and MSNBC


What Should We Call Her? – Accuser or Ford

The difference I then proceeded to look at was the numerical difference between the use of Kavanaugh’s name, in comparison to the statistical data of how many times each news station said Ford’s name. If one chooses to take a glance a Figure 2, you would be able to see that the results are drastically different. Fox News said Ford’s name 556 times, but mentioned Kavanaugh’s name 1556 times. Contrastingly, MSNBC said Ford’s name 646 times while they mentioned Kavanaugh’s name 1639 times. One reason that Ford was mentioned less frequently is that her identity was not released initially, and therefore news reports referred to her as “a woman,” or “the accuser.” In Figure 2, it is depicted that Fox News used the word accuser 162 times, with MSNBC using it 116 times.


Figure 2: Mentions of Kavanaugh vs. Ford on Fox News versus MSNBC

Table 3. Use of “Accuser” on Fox News versus MSNBC


While MSNBC started to use Ford’s name fairly quickly, both stations needed to be careful as certain viewers may make the assumption that by not using her name, they are disrespecting Dr. Blasey Ford. For it is the hope that people of all political preferences are watching numerous news stations. This, in theory, makes people more aware of what is truly being spoken about on all sides. However, by not mentioning Ford’s name, each station is dehumanizing her, taking away her bravery and credibility as they begin to define her as more of a “being” rather than a “person”.  Fox News did an interview with Doris Kearns who stated, “We have to make them feel we’re working together for the country. We’re in different parties, but we don’t have to hate each other, which they seem to do in these last decades”. This is such an important statement as it is not negative nor demeaning. Thus, a woman or man of any political party who has the courage to stand in front the Supreme Court and testify against a current nominee for sexual assault, deserves to be acknowledged: whether you agree with their political preferences or not.


Beyond Vocabulary

Lastly, besides the use of vocabulary, which then influenced the tone, a huge detail I noticed was the use of pictures and videos edited into each broadcast. While the bulk of my research was done through reading the transcripts, I also went on YouTube to watch a couple news clips from each station. MSNBC would show pictures that portrayed Ford as a woman who was nervous, but patient, determined, and proud. She became the ultimate picture of a strong woman who demanded to be heard despite the battles being thrown at her.  Chris Hayes, from MSNBC said, “I mean, she’s the hero and she’s the one who spoke truth to power that I think inspired many…” Contrastingly, Fox News portrayed her completely different as they used pictures that displayed an incredibly emotional Brett Kavanaugh. They were able to portray a man who may have once seemed to have everything at his fingertips, to one who has been embarrassed and humiliated in front of not only the nation, but as well as family.


Discussion: What Lies Ahead

Being passionate about something can be both a gift and a curse: especially when pertaining to politics. It can be a blessing in that one can make movements such as #MeToo and make it a powerful, force to be reckoned with. One can change the lives of many with simply being determined, passionate, and taking advantage of one’s freedom of speech. However, with great energy and zealousness, ignorance may also follow. Becoming blind to the realities in front of us, due to our own ideologies, is quite possibly a threat to democracy. The dangers of this can be seen within the vocabulary used both in MSNBC and Fox News because while yes, they talked about the case, they also blamed each other for many aspects of the accusations. Fox News would make claims against the democrats in which they were just planting another “witch hunt” in order to get back at Trump. While MSNBC was consistently questioning the character the Republican party as a whole. The consequences of this type of rhetoric is what needs to be discussed.  When did we get here and what can we do to improve? The rhetoric used in the Kavanaugh case is simply a warning. A sign that there is room to grow and that our democracy is in need of great improvement as our attitudes towards each other are not up to par.



After analyzing all of my research, I have concluded that both sides are definitely strong willed when it comes to their opinions. In fact, there are very few, from each party, that are willing to compromise their views for the benefit of the whole. To answer my research question, how do different news stations, such as MSNBC and Fox News, portray the Kavanaugh case,  the answer is simply enormously different. For the most part, that was my prediction, but I was not expecting to find the dissimilarities within the most subtle of ways. True, the tone of voice may be negative and/or pessimistic, but the real variations lie within the little things: the stuff that people may not originally think of. It rests within the power of vocabulary, inadvertently telling the listener what to think. They play off of the old saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words” as they invoke emotion through the look of strength upon a woman who has been hurting versus the vulnerability of a man who has been humiliated. In truth, I have definitely gained a better understanding of both sides, but I am disappointed in the fact that it seems as though no sense of peace, at least in this case, is likely to happen anytime soon.



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Sean Hannity, Tammy Bruce, Sara Carter, Kristin Fisher, Mark Levin, Ed Henry. “Democrats’ Shameless Obstruction Tactics; Michael Avenatti Pushing New Allegations; Judge Kavanaugh And Professor Ford Set To Testify In High- Stakes Senate Hearing Tomorrow; As Voting Of Lawmakers For Judge Kavanaugh Gets Nearer, Democrats Are Doing Their Last-Minute Tactic To Bring More Damning Controversy To The Supreme Court Nominee; A Man From Rhode Island Said That Two Men Named Brett and Mark Raped A Woman In A Boat Back In The `80s, But Fox Has Found Out That It’s Just A Fraud, A Made-Up Story; Critics Say Women Who Accused Judge Kavanaugh Of All Sorts Don’t Have The Evidence That Would Corroborate Their Allegations”. Fox News Network. September 26, 2018 Wednesday

Tucker Carlson. “Attorney Michael Avenatti’s client Julie Swetnick alleges that about 35 years ago, Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh was part of a group of teenage boys in the Washington DC area and committed a series of gang rapes; Arizona’s sex crimes prosecutor Rachel Mitchell to question Christine Ford at the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing; More than 60 of Brett Kavanaugh’s childhood friends have now signed a statement defending him as a man, defending his character. Aired 8-9p ET”. Fox News Network. September 26, 2018 Wednesday.

Tucker Carlson, Martha MacCallum, Ed Henry. “Brett Kavanaugh, in His Interview with Martha MacCallum, Pushed Back Pretty Aggressively Against Attacks on His Personal Integrity and Decency, and Denied Completely All of the Sexual Allegations Against Him; Last week, Senate Republicans Declared in Effect that All Allegations Against Brett Kavanaugh Must be Heard No Matter How Frivolous or Obviously Fraudulent They Are; Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is Going to Meet with President Trump on 09/27/18; A New Study from Three Yale Researchers on Illegal Immigrant Population in the United States Concluded that It’s at Least 22 Million; Tucker Carlson’s New Book, “Ship of Fools,” Comes Out on 10/01/18″. Fox News Network. September 24, 2018 MondayBottom of Form

Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity. “California Psychology Professor Christine Blasey Ford’s sexual assault claim against Judge Brett Kavanaugh has stopped his Supreme Court nomination; A number of Senate Republicans are said to be undecided about Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s guilt or innocence and say they’d like to hear more from Christine Blasey Ford on Thursday when she’s scheduled to testify in the Senate; Democrats are demanding that Kavanaugh call down yet another FBI investigation on himself; Google already told Tucker Carlson Tonight show that it won’t punish any of the employees who planned to subvert Google’s search; During President Trump’s speech at the United Nations in New York, he condemned the socialist and corrupt government of Venezuela; Tucker Carlson’s new book is called Ship of Fools”. Fox News Network. September 25, 2018 Tuesday 



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