Tineke D'Haeseleer

This textbook would not exist without the generous support and encouragement of Muhlenberg College’s Digital Learning team. Tim Clarke (Instructional Design) and Dr. Lora Taub (Dean of Digital Learning) encouraged me to explore digital technologies in the classroom, and made sure we (students and teacher!) knew where to turn for assistance. The Hive is a wonderful place, where digital magic happens.

The first seeds for student-teacher co-creation were planted during a workshop in February 2018, when Melanie Bahti, Alison Cook-Sather and Sasha Mathrani of Bryn Mawr College visited Muhlenberg and talked about their work and experiences with student-faculty partnerships.

Digital Pedagogy Lab in August 2018 set me on my way to doing creative and daring things with digital tools in the classroom without ever losing sight of my mission as a teacher: fostering learning, access to education, and defending our right to curiosity.


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